How to use the bowl!

  1. Holding the Spatula upside-down over bowl, insert notches in to wholes on both sides of the top of the bowl.
  2. With a sweeping motion place Spatula toward the back, out of the way of mixing.
  3. When you are ready to clear out the contents of the bowl, hold the bowls handle with one hand and sweep the Spatula towards the the pour spout, tilting the Bowl as you sweep.
  4. To separate the Bowl and the Spatula lift the spatula out of the bowl then remove notches from holes.

For Colander!

  1. Attach Spatula, place Spatula towards the front of the Bowl. allow the Spatula to hold back fruits and vegetables, while the water slips through the pour spout. (do the same with eggs, the spatula will hold back the yolk while the white slips through!)

Two Bowls in one!

  1. Attach the Spatula, sweep the Spatula to the middle of the bowl, great for Guacamole!

My name is Tyler Peoples, I am professional chef in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have worked many years in the restaurant business. I have a passion for cooking and serving great food. After many years in the kitchen I noticed that there were several tools in the kitchen with only one purpose, taking up lots of space. I knew there had to be a better way. So I designed the Scoopingbowl to save time, space and money. I use the Scoopingbowl everyday both as a professional chef and at home.

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